Consulting and investment advice

Our long-term relationships with institutional consulting clients create a true sense of working with one another to help achieve successful outcomes. Our consulting teams are personally involved with each client and become an extension of your investment experts.

Proven expertise on your side of the table; tailor fit for you

We apply our experience, scale and breadth of global capital markets insights and manager research to help ensure a tailored fit for your unique circumstances.

We can help with:

  • Governance
  • Investment objectives
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Research and information on markets and managers
  • Portfolio structure
  • After-tax investment
  • Efficient implementation of investment strategy

Additional benefits of working with Russell Investments may include:

Operational due diligence
Discovering risks that exist beyond the returns.

Liability-driven Investing
Integrating your pension plan's liabilities into your asset mix to manage risk.

Alternatives advice
Collaborating together to explore the potential return and diversification benefits of non-traditional assets.

¹Russell Investments was rated as having the most rigorous due diligence process for evaluating a product’s suitability in a client portfolio. In five of those years, we were ranked #1. FundFire discontinued their survey in 2015.

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