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Get a deeper understanding of the smart beta landscape

Read the 2016 smart beta survey results

FTSE Russell is proud to release the results of the Smart beta: 2016 global survey findings from asset owners, our third annual, smart beta survey. Designed to show the progression of how smart beta products are perceived, evaluated, and adopted, this survey builds on results from previous surveys to further reveal asset owners’ burgeoning interest in smart beta products.

This survey’s results provide meaningful insight into emerging global and regional trends – read the report to find out about the specific ways asset owners are using smart beta products and their potential within overall portfolio construction to help  define returns, manage risk, increase diversification, control costs, and achieve their investment objectives.

Smart beta is changing perceptions of active and passive approaches. Hear the latest on the ongoing evolution of how asset owners are using smart beta strategies to help pursue their objectives.


Expand your knowledge of smart beta

Review past years' survey results, read related blogs and in-depth research, and watch informative videos below.